Q: Do I have to use my OSU email address? It is not my primary email.

A: You must register using your osu.edu email address so that we can verify your student status. MarketOSU strongly believes in holding our users accountable and keeping spammers out of the site. Once you have registered using your osu.edu email address, you can change your preferred contact email to your primary email address under “Edit My Profile.”

Q: What is the Watch List feature?

A: The Watch List is what makes MarketOSU unique. Instead of constantly visiting the site and searching through new listings in the hopes of finding the item that you want, you can add a book or ticket to your Watch List. Doing so ensures that when that item is posted for sale in the Market, you will receive an email notification. The more time you save from not wading through listings or Facebook groups, the more time you have to do the things you truly enjoy.

Q: How do I add an item to my Watch List?

A: To add an item to your Watch List, search for the item by Title or ISBN (Books) or Game Title (Tickets). Then, click the “Add to Watch List” button. That’s it!

Q: How do buyers and sellers exchange items and payment?

A: MarketOSU is a platform for buyers to find sellers (and vice versa) in a fast, easy way. The exchange of goods and payment is the sole responsibility of buyer and seller, with no liability owned by MarketOSU.

Q: How do I remove items I have posted?

A: Go into your user profile under “Edit My Profile” and remove the items using the “Remove” button next to the item title.